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Ever since we started out in 2011, our aim has always been to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Rather than source our ingredients based on who can supply us at the cheapest price, we have always tried to support some of the other fantastic local businesses in the North East like The Inverurie Green Grocer and Marshalls Farm Shop. The added bonus of this strategy is that we also get some top quality ingredients to put into our dog treats.

The packaging we use is environmentally friendly and even the electricity which powers WowDog HQ comes from renewable sources.

Over the last twelve months we’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of Zero Waste Shops who have been in contact with us like the wonderful Butterfly Effect in Insch who sell our dog treats individually.

This got us thinking about what we could do to try and be more environmentally friendly, and we started to trial bulk bags of dog treats and some of the events which we attended last year (which seems like a long time ago!).

These bulk bags contain 1Kg of dog treats which works out about the same as seven of our standard bags of dog treats and are packaged in a biodegradable bag.

As they proved to be a hit with our Customers, they are now available on the WowDog website where you can choose your favourite flavour and pick up a bag.

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WowDog | BrewDog

We’re super excited here at WowDog HQ to be working with BrewDog to develop a dog treat made with the spent grain from the Ellon brewery.

It was a few months ago that BrewDog got in touch with us and explained that they were looking for a local Company that could produce dog treats using their spent grain as one of the ingredients.

The spent grain is what is left in the mash tun after that stage of the brewing process and normally goes to some very lucky cows up in Ellon who gobble up over 15 tons per week! After getting a sample from the brewery, it was off to the WowDog Development Kitchen to start developing a brand-new recipe.

After a few attempts, we came up with a recipe which we thought would be a winner and then enlisted the help of some of our trusted four-legged testers who consumed all of the treats in record time which was a very good sign.

We also sent a batch to BrewDog for them to test on the office dogs, and they reported a similar phenomenon of the treats apparently disappearing into thin air…

After all the paperwork was done, it was back to BrewDog with a bigger container to collect more spent grain and then back to the kitchen to start baking. The smell of the treats whilst they are being baked gave Mr WowDog a strange feeling that he needed to drink a Punk IPA, so that was arranged as a reward for him once all of the treats had been baked.

The treats only contain Rapeseed Oil, Free-Range Eggs, Oats, BrewDog Spent Grain and Bicarbonate of Soda so are full of lovely natural ingredients as you would expect – and it’s worth mentioning – 0% alcohol!

You can buy Beer Bones from the BrewDog website and from selected BrewDog Bars in the UK as well as from the WowDog Shop.